Saturday, March 2, 2013


Please join me in my workshop
A free createIt@ARTSgarage seminar 
for "educators of all stripes"
on March 24th from 1 until 3:30 PM

Felting is the oldest textile process and one of the easiest textiles to create. 
Wet felting is the process of physically manipulating wool fibers with water and soap. 
Over a short span of time the fibers enmesh and get tangled together, shrink and create a solid and dense fabric.  Felting is also versatile in that it can easily be shaped over forms of all kinds resulting in forms of three dimensions.
Dry felting utilizes sharp barbed steel needles that required aggressive punching into the surface of the wool fibers in order to get the fibers to become entangled resulting in a solid and dense fabric. Dry felting is also versatile in that the fibers can easily be shaped into unique figurative elements both flat and three dimensional.

In my  2 and 1/2 hour workshop you will learn both wet and dry felting methods to create a simple 3 dimensional form (pocket/pouch) that will become a purse or eye glass case.  Then you will have the opportunity to embellish the surface with multicolored threads and give it your own unique expression. You can set rivets into the surface and attach a leather cord to create a purse for carrying your smart phone.

please see photos below

Please register by email to and put  “createIt registration” in the subject line. I will confirm your spot and include directions to my Los Angeles studio along with the confirmation.  I look forward to creating with you! 
createIt@ARTSgarage offers "educators of all stripes" an opportunity to nurture our own creativity through collaborative work. We use the fiber arts as our vehicle of expression, working with simple processes and materials on hand in my mid-Wilshire Los Angeles studio. These quarterly peer-to-peer sessions are free of charge and are offered in a spirit of celebratory sharing. 

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